International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2016)

urvey of sports infrastructure among Thoothukudi and Kovilpatti Educational District government schools

Author(s): Dr. Sethu S
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to critically evaluate the existing physical education and sports facilities available in the government schools of Thoothukudi and Kovilpatti Educational District. This study will help in the improvement of physical education and sports facilities to larger extend so that outstanding sports person can be produced. In order to achieve this purpose 21 government schools were surveyed. To facilitate this, the investigator confined him to the survey method based on the questionnaire to collect the data. The schools were selected from the following villages of Thoothukudi and Kovilpati Educational District. Eleven schools were selected from Thoothukudi Educational District and ten schools were selected from Kovilpatti Educational District. The facility factors such as Type of School, Nature of School, Strength of Pupil, Qualification of Physical Education Director or PET, Facilities of Playfield and Courts, Track and Field Facilities were selected as criterion variables for this study. The investigators with the help of the experts and referring the previous studies imitated those models and formed a preliminary questionnaire. A sufficient numbers of questions were prepared in consultation with the guide and experts of physical education in the following areas such as facilitation of physical education and sports available in the school, utilization of these facilities, achievement of the people in specific and the school in general. Data collected from the survey was transferred from paper questionnaire directly into a computer manually by the primary investigator, and then the data were read and analyzed using SPSS version 17.0. The data pertaining to the variables were examined by using Descriptive Statistics. It was concluded that, all the Government Schools of Thoothukudi and Kovilpatti Educational District failed to lead well balanced facilities in physical education. It further reveals that most of the students show the real interest towards the physical education and sports but the facilities like courts, play grounds, equipments and physical education periods were not sufficient to improve the physical education curriculum in school level. Proper steps were not to taken at any schools to bring up the physical education to the peak level. The investigators feels that the authorities concerned with general education should also take adequate steps to provide a suitable well balanced physical education facility for the benefit of the students.
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