International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2016)

English language in rural India

Author(s): Dr. V Jaisre, M Thangavel
Abstract: "English Language in Rural India" includes the teaching of English as a foreign language in rural students of different class for the purpose of acquainting them with those language skills, which enable them to read and understand the English language with various language contents. It should also enable the students to appreciate the content and analyze it critically. The students from urban parts of India have shown the best performance in their exams or interviews. There are instances where most of the rural students have failed to express themselves. Poor communication skills of many rural students as seen in their poor performance in tests, examinations and interviews have kindled an idea of analyzing.This study is intended to find out various reasons of poor communication among rural students and suggest remedial measures so as to improve communication skills. The core of the paper considers three basic problems such as Psychological Aspects, Lingual Aspects, and Technology Aspects.
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