International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

Multiculturalism treatment of social relationships in rohinton mistry’s novels

Author(s): Devidas Adhar Pardhi
Abstract: This essay deals with the changing concepts of diaspora in the context of contemporary Canadian literature in English. The argument involves a revision of the notions of cultural identity as well as a rethinking and even questioning of South Asian fiction as part of Canadian writing. Rohinton Mistry’s works reveal the changing nature of these writers from elsewhere in the last thirty years and the inclusion of the new notions of double diaspora and deterritorialization. Parsis authors have constantly assumed a critical part in the field of English writing. Rohinton Mistry is one such beneficial Parsi creator who was considered in India yet moved to Canada. Starting there he endeavors to blueprint Parsi social space in India in his records. Family Matters is the third and the latest novel dispersed in 2002 in the line of revealing the ethno-religious minority attributes. He depicts the nearby change and clerical class family matters of a Parsi gathering of Bombay amidst the burden torn years of post Babri Masjid obliteration period in nineteen nineties. Family Matters crosses the point of confinement of nation, ethnicity and times and achieves comprehensiveness by taking up the topical issues, for instance, geriatrics and disapproving, familial subjugation and human relationship, cosmopolitan city life, secularism, degradation and communalism, persisting and downfall, development, irritation and sentiment belongingness et cetera. As this gathering is standing up to physical and also social disposal; Parsi researchers needed to record their social markers in masterful expression. Subsequently their ethnic uneasiness and social flexibility winds up doubtlessly imperative subjects in advance of Parsi scholars. Bapsi Sidhwa and Rohinton Mistry are two such most important contemporary Parsi immigrant novelists writing in English.
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