International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

A click on I Agree? We’ve all done it: Clicked or Skipped

Author(s): Nakul Sharma, Rahul Vyas
Abstract: Today’s verdict by The Supreme Court 9 judges bench declared that the right to privacy is protected under Article 21 & Part 3 and is a Funadamental Right in an unanimous. The Apex court pronouncements in a plethora of cases Malak (1981), Rajagopal (1994), Selvi (2010), Nalsa (2014) have all made a point clear as to privacy as a constitutional part 3 right, as What we upload over internet or social media, cloud backups, must only be shared with the people we want to and they should not be misused to manipulate the minds of shoppers especially. What we upload should strictly be not used to identify us & sold to third-parties by such companies whom we trust and give our data to keep safe. Many people store their banking details, passwords, documents over the cloud storage or emails to get the easy access.
The tectonic shifts in Technology and advent of Algo’s, AI, ML and Robotics have made a sea of difference in the strategy for business. E commerce is being used for sale and purchase of several products and services using diverse portals and websites. The more the internet services are being used the more are we getting our privacy in fringed?
To Agree with the terms and conditions of the company which are inscribed to get what companies wants. By this time, we’ve grown confident enough that there’s probably nothing wrong in that fine pact or standard form of contract that is worth wasting time for.
But once in a while companies put needle in the straw, something that we just not bargained for.
When we all use or install apps, we click on “I Agree”, “I Do Not Agree” or “I Accept” most of the time to use the service we accept. The present paper is a commentary on the various facets of the Information Technology Laws and how its implementation is taking place globally.
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