International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

Sustainable development into relation between environment, poverty and economic growth

Author(s): Rekha Devi
Abstract: This article throws light on sustainable development into the relation between environment, rural economics, poverty and economic growth. The need of the hour is to save our environment. It is only the environment which gives us so many things for our needs. Really environment is tremendous which serve so many people but we the cruel people for our selfish needs are destroying such a beautiful environment and natural resources. And even think of future generation. So making population mindful the concept of sustainable development came. Everyone wants clean air, fresh water, corrupt free politics, healthy body and list is endless. It is said that India’s heart is in villages. And most of the population in villages does agriculture and agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy. But everyone is running after money and for this farmers are selling their land only for few days money. For changing this arena big focus of government is on germinating the major and medium irrigation projects and doing co-operative farming and so on. Poverty is also an important issue for any nation, especially for the developing countries like India. India ranked 3rd poorest country in the world and 28.5% of population lives under the poverty line. Poverty is like a dangerous disease which causes many other problems like theft, crime, slow development etc. Economic growth is concern of every nation. If economic growth of country is good then surely his present and future generations are in safer mode. And article also throws light on the present policies effecting sustainable development.
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