International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

Learning styles of secondary school students and their interest in biological science

Author(s): Geetha MC, Dr. Praveena KB
Abstract: According to Flemings, who is a learning style expert and the author of what is likely the most widely used modality preference assessment, there are four major sensory modalities. Those four modalities are visual (V), aural (A), read-write (R), and kinesthetic (K). Students with V preferences learn best using pictures, graphs, diagrams, etc. Those with A preferences learn best by listening to and discussing material. Those with R preferences learn best with textual materials. Finally, K learners internalize information best when they are involved physically (e.g., touching and manipulating materials).The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between learning style and interest in biological science among secondary school students in Tumakuru educational district. A sample of 379 respondents selected randomly. The study objectives were:
1. To identify the type of learning style preference among secondary school students.
2. To determine the relationship between learning style & interest in biological science of the secondary school students.
3. To study the difference between the following groups of secondary school students with reference to learning styles & interest in biological science,
 Gender
 Type of schools
 Locality and
 Socio Economic Status.
The sampling applied was stratified random. The data collection was VARK based Learning Style scale and interest in biological science scale were constructed and used by the investigator. This was used to identify the learning style preference among the students based on Visual (V), Aural (A), Read &write(R) and Kinesthetic (K) modalities. The reliability is 0.879. Findings of the study reveal that, kinesthetic learning style was found to be more prevalent than visual, aural and read & write learning styles among secondary school students. There exist positive high correlation between kinesthetic learning style and interest in biology. There is no significant difference in learning style preference among male and female student’s interest in biological science. There is strong positive and statistically significant relationship between learning styles and interest for the kinesthetic learning style among male and female secondary school students.
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