International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

Concept map learning strategy, with a guided discovery approach to metacognitive skills IPA biology on primary school biology at Siau Island sitaro regency

Author(s): Metilistina Sasinggala
Abstract: Science learning in elementary school should be an opportunity for students to naturally cultivate curiosity because science is not just a collection of knowledge about things or living things, but concerns how to work, how to think, and how to solve problems (problem solving). Research has been conducted to obtain scientific data on the influence of learning strategy of concept map with guided discoveri approach to metacognitive science skill of SD Biology in Siau Island of Sitaro. This research was done by using quasi experiment approach with pre-post nonequivalent control group design design with factorial pattern 4 x 3. The data obtained were analyzed using ANACOVA inferential statistic type and followed by LSD test at 0.05 significance level. The results show that the Discovei + learning strategy concept map is more effective in improving students' metacognitive skills in Biology Science lessons in elementary school in Siau Island. Although the score of students 'metacgonitive skills on the Discoveri + learning strategy was a higher concept map, the results showed that the average metacognitive skills of the students on the Discoveri + learning strategy of concept map were not significantly different from the students' metacognitive skills in conceptual learning learning strategies.
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