International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

The effects of backpack load and carrying duration on head forward inclination of 10-12-year old children

Author(s): Sukanta Goswami, LN Sarkar, Vinita Bajpai Mishra
Abstract: Backpacks are an advantageous route for children to convey basic instructive materials to class, however they embed different materials which builds the heaviness of backpack. The purpose of this study was to investigate the collaborations impact of load carriage and carrying durations on Head Forward Inclination and then suggestion of optimal weight limit for carrying the load of their backpacks for particular duration of walk. Six male school children, age ranging between 10 to 12 years with (Height 134.22 ± 3.61 cm & Weight 29.67 ± 2.54 kg) were selected to carry school backpacks of 0%, 8%, 12% & 16% of their own body weights on a treadmill at the 1.1 m s−1 to 1.4 m s−1 for 20 minutes. The movements of the subjects in sagittal plane were filmed; the recorded videotapes were digitized and analyzed on a motion analysis system at selected time intervals i.e. 0 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes. For each complete trial; Head Forward Inclination angle was measured in degrees. The two way repeated measures ANOVA (within-within) was used for statistical analysis of data in significant level of p < 0.05. The results of the study demonstrates the increased Head Forward Inclination observed in children while walking with selected load for selected duration. The greatest differences were noted as the magnitude of backpack loads goes on increasing. Significant change in Head Forward Inclination angle was found as %BW increased. When the load was increased to 12% that values didn’t changed to a higher extent up to 5 minutes of walking but after that the mean Head Forward Inclination angle fell rapidly and constantly with extent of duration. Thus implying that school bag weighing 12% of body weight would be too heavy for the school children aged 10-12 years to be able to maintain their normal cervical posture alignment; thus carrying a load of 8% of body weight is suggested.
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