International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

Evil in aspiration: A study of William Golding’s the spire

Author(s): Radhe Shyam
Abstract: This paper is an attempt to illustrate the fundamental issue that evil is in aspiration and human being can go at any extent to achieve his aspiration. The present researcher seeks to illuminate this process, mainly from the perspective of psychoanalysis. The Spire (1964) represents a world of the dead, a world of undermined from within by an inner darkness, a sad, sick stinking world in which man's fall comes as natural consequences of his own faulty action i.e. aspiration. It is a complex study in human willfulness. It lays emphasis on the dominance of evil as well as the unintelligibility of the human egoism, symbolized in the erection of tall spire at the insistence of the Dean of a medieval cathedral, Jocelin, amid opposition from several quarters. Disregarding all opposition, he proceeds with the task of erecting the steeple on unsafe shallow foundations. The Dean has had a vision of four-hundred- foot- tall steeple erected supposedly to glorify God. But, it is his own act of glorification. And, as it rises higher and higher, there is an increase in people's dread that it may surely topple down.
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