International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

Gender based violence - international concerns

Author(s): Falak Naaz
Abstract: There is a war on women being waged all over the world. It is not the fictional war on women but it is a real war that takes the lives of millions of females every year. This real war is fuelled by abortion. Sex-selective abortion, along with the less prevalent infanticide, kills more girls in China and India every year than are born in the United States. The number of girls “missing” in Asia is equivalent to the entire female population of the United States, the majority due to sex-selective abortion. This real war on women has been going on for decades and is now beginning to get the attention it deserves. And recent study of Census data indicates that sex-selection is happening in the United States. Immigrants who come to America with gender bias and want to abort their girls have the benefit of having the law on their side. While sex-selection is illegal in many countries including India and China, only a handful of states in the U.S. address the issue. Around the world, particularly in countries like China and India, sex selective abortions are common. Women’s rights groups try to talk around the issue. Planned Parenthood decries abortion based on the baby’s sex. Pro-abortion groups attempt to reconcile the nonsensical claim that sex selective abortions are wrong while abortion itself isn’t [2].
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