International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

Challenges in selection of life partner among Muslims in Kashmir, J&K India

Author(s): Dr. Altaf Nazir Mir
Abstract: The question as to whether Selection of life partner is a challenge especially to unmarried male and females, who are about to age, is yet to be answered satisfactorily. This study seeks to find out common challenges faced by unmarried males and females in Kashmir, state Jammu and Kashmir factors responsible and the effects these have on them. The study utilized the survey design with sample consisting of 600 newly married males and females, 300 males and 300 from females purposively selected from three districts on the basis of their income group (A) below 7000 per month (B) 7001 to 25000 (C) 250001 and above, 200 samples were taken from each income group, 100 samples had taken from males and 100 samples had taken from females. 98.33 percent male respondents face unemployment challenge falling in income group (B), 62.66 percent male respondents face poverty as challenge falling in income group (A), 61 percent male respondents lying in income group (C) on anther hand 76.66 percent of female respondents face physical beauty as challenge falling in income group (C), 59 percent female face poverty as challenge lying in income group (A), 60 percent female face family status as challenge falling income (b) and these have the greatest effect on their general life.
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