International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

Role of Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing in disaster management

Author(s): Kiran Bala
Abstract: India is vulnerable to natural and manmade disasters that are spatial in nature. GIS techniques act as a decision support tool. Decision making can possible by analysis of different GIS layers. Currently socio-economic and geo-spatial data is useful for management and planning of disasters as well as handling of disastrous condition. Various departments and agencies who are stakeholders using GIS in the disaster management process. GIS, RS & GPS is useful in disaster management applications & for decision making. Evolution of computer technology and availability of hardware is helpful for rapid expansion of GIS in both disaster research and practice. GIS is useful for hazard zone mapping and during emergency conditions mitigation of people can easily possible using this maps. GIS and RS much beneficial in mitigation strategies and preparedness plans. Real time geographic data can improve the allocation of resources for response. GIS technologies are much useful in modeling of disaster risks and human adaptations to hazards. It is also provides decision support system in disaster management.
Pages: 137-140  |  832 Views  363 Downloads
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