International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

The impact of strategic management on the development of information technology in the Jordanian industrial corporations

Author(s): Isam Daod Fayez Abuorabi AlAdwan
Abstract: This study aims at identifying the effect of the strategic Management on information technology development in Jordanian Manufacturing Public Limited Companies. The study adopts the descriptive and analytical method by referring to books, research article and peer-reviewed journals that focus on the concept of strategic Management and information technology development. The study population consists of 67 Jordanian industrial corporations; the researcher has used the simple random method in choosing the study sample which consists of 30 companies from the study population, whereas the sampling unit consists of 135 participants including managers, deputy managers, heads of departments and production managers. A questionnaire was distributed to them which include items that reflect the study variables in order to reach the results of this study. The study has reached at a number of results; the most important ones are the fact that there is an impact of the strategic Management in all its dimensions (environmental analysis, strategy formation, strategy implementation and strategy assessment) on the information technology development in all its dimensions (development of equipment, software, human resources, networks and databases). Moreover, there is an impact of the strategic administration on the development of equipment and software in particular. According to these results, the study has provide a number of recommendations including working on the continuity of information technology development and its dimensions, and the necessity of making contracts for databases maintenance by officials; in addition to inviting the companies interested in research and development issues.
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