International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

Marketing issues and operational problems of export marketing of Indian readymade garments

Author(s): Ram Gopal Saha, Dr. MK Purushothama
Abstract: Export marketing is a systematic process of developing and distributing goods and services in overseas markets. The export marketing manager needs to undertake various marketing activities, such as marketing research, product design, branding, packaging, pricing, promotion etc. But the road of export marketing is not so smooth and process of developing and distributing goods in overseas markets especially readymade garments cannot perform without facing difficulties. There are several problems the Indian Readymade Garments Industry while exporting to developed countries. Export Marketing of Indian readymade garments is commonly observing problems while exporting readymade garments such as “Increases Cost”, “Market risks and Uncertainties”, “Changes of Readymade Garments Design”, “Recession in world market”, “Changes of Technology”, “Fluctuations in Exchange Rate”, “Unstable Political Environment” and “Lack of Infrastructure”. The study is limited to the Indian Readymade Garments Industry represented by “Export Marketing”. Due to level of complexities involved and thereby the feasibility of extending the findings, the scope of the present study is limited to large organizations with employees’ strength more than 2,000 and which are in existence for at least three years.
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