International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

A review of the text Manusmriti on the role of women in the home

Author(s): Kanaklata Kakati, Dr. Surya Narayan Gautam
Abstract: After a person reaches the head of the family status, the text clearly indicates the role of both sexes and also allows the head of the family to have control over the family and the woman's only role after becoming a wife has been to help her husband while the resting functions are performed by her husband. Although the importance of men in the normative texts is described, the role of women who have participated in society cannot be ignored. Therefore, the husband is often seen as the defender of patriarchal ideals and should consider that the patriarchal rules, as described in the texts, are collectively practiced at home. Although the householder has played an important role in the functioning of the home, the importance of women in the home cannot be ignored. Since marriage remained important for the continuation of lineage, the text clearly indicates that the wife was considered of great importance. Since the text was written mainly by the priestly class, they tried to show how men and women should behave in society, but what is most significant is that the text can also be seen as an indicator of how gender relations are emphasized during the post-Maurya period. Therefore, by focusing on how women are treated at home, this document attempts to develop the way women have been represented in the early textual traditions of India. Since this period has seen a series of developments, the gender issue cannot be ignored. One of these areas is the house where one can see that the patriarchal institutions held in high esteem, trying to create a patriarchal status to keep women within the private sphere, especially at home.
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