International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

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Quality concern in teacher education: Some issues
Pages: 01-04  
Physical and performance variables of women hockey players
Pages: 05-08  
Challenges in marketing: Reasons for the existence of green marketing
Pages: 10-13  
Evaluation of water quality in biofloc and non biofloc systems of pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931)
Pages: 14-17  
The effectiveness of self-directed learning vs. teacher-led learning on gifted and talented vs. non-gifted and talented students
Pages: 18-21  
Design and study of frequency response of band pass and band reject filters using operational amplifiers
Pages: 22-26  
An analysis of youth education in India
Pages: 30-33  
The conundrum of literacy and skills in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 34-39  
Study habits an essential quantum among IX standard students of cape camorin
Pages: 40-43  
A study of social maturity of elementary school teachers
Pages: 44-47  
Innovations and Interventions of a Teacher Development Programme
Pages: 48-50  
The crux of history from below
Pages: 51-53  
Body and its aesthetical context
Pages: 54-56  
Facilitative teacher development: Decisive constituent of neo-millennium teacher education
Pages: 57-59  
Significance of ethics in advertising
Pages: 60-63  
A study on the contribution of FDI to economic growth
Pages: 64-67  
A study on the penetration of non-banking financial companies (NBFCS) in Indian financial markets
Pages: 68-72  
Gun rights in America
Pages: 73-76  
Life histories and contribution of Kashmiri singers Naseema Akhter and Ashiq Hussain
Pages: 77-78  
Rouf: The popular folk style of Kashmir
Pages: 79-80  
A study on the problems faced by urban working women in Kashmir
Pages: 81-85  
Influence of perceived social support and meaning in life on fighting spirit: A study of cancer patients
Pages: 86-93  
Teaching and learning of English language skills
Pages: 94-96  
Review of current tendencies in nanotechnology and its future opportunity
Pages: 97-101  
A study of environmental awareness and scientific attitude of under graduate students in relation to rural and urban areas
Pages: 102-104  
Decision making role of women in family: Does working status matter
Pages: 105-109  
Indian rural credit management in the post economic reforms period
Pages: 110-116  
Open access to scholarly communication: Issues and challenges
Pages: 117-122  
Comparative analysis of health problems experienced by day workers and shift workers in Visakhapatnam
Pages: 123-131  
A study on art and technique in Kamala Das poetry
Pages: 132-134  
Customer relationship management in service sector: A study of bank managers and customers in Krishna district, A.P.
Pages: 135-139  
DNA finger printing: A new investigating technique
Pages: 140-142  
Cognitive behavioural therapy and depression
Pages: 143-145  
Rain water harvesting future requirement for sustainable growth: A global phenomena
Pages: 146-148  
A study on motivational needs of employees in departmental stores with special reference to Coimbatore city
Pages: 149-152  
Effect of personal and location factors on the attitude of secondary school students towards science education
Pages: 153-155  
Industrial revolution: How it effect Victorian literature in a progressive or adverse way
Pages: 156-157  
Management of Village Resources for Village Developments
Pages: 158-160  
Writing skills: An effective way of communication
Pages: 161-164  
A study on HRD system in public enterprises in India: An analysis
Pages: 165-168  
Relationship between teacher effectiveness of secondary school teachers and their attitude towards teaching profession
Pages: 169-172  
Biography and contribution of 20th century Kashmiri folk artist ‘Ustad Ghulam Ahmad Sofi’ towards music
Pages: 173-175  
The versatile poetess: Habba Khatoon
Pages: 176-177  
Sam Shepard’s True West: A Fraternity Battle
Pages: 178-181  
Work life balance of the women employees: A study on SBI in Krishna district
Pages: 182-185  
Relevance of logical positivism in contemporary western philosophy
Pages: 186-189  
Mahila Samakhya: A model for empowerment of rural women’s of Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 190-193  
A study on the teacher effectiveness of teachers working in B.Ed. colleges of Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh State
Pages: 194-199  
A study of Kashmiri folk singing form “Vanvun” and “Laddishah”
Pages: 200-203  
Right of children to free and compulsory education act 2009: A critical view
Pages: 204-209  
Job satisfaction in education institute: A study of private and government added institute (comparative study)
Pages: 210-213  
Liquidity and Solvency Ratio Analysis of JK Cement Group
Pages: 214-217  
An overview of the recent progress in science and technology in Purba Medinipur district
Pages: 218-220  
Impact of demonetization in different sector in Indian economy
Pages: 221-223  
Use of hexamine as corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in hydrochloric acid
Pages: 224-235  
Effect of professional qualifications and teaching experience on source of job stress of secondary school teachers
Pages: 236-239  
Impact of education on household food security and coping strategies of women living in urban slums
Pages: 240-246  
Perceived teacher support as a correlate of externalizing behavior of adolescent students
Pages: 247-250  
Plight of Odisha tourism: A conceptual study
Pages: 251-254  
Relationship between Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction
Pages: 255-257  
Role of family in inclusive education
Pages: 258-260  
A comparative study of self concept and socio economic status of senior secondary school students in relation to their academic achievement
Pages: 261-264  
Grounded theory- evidence based medicine embeddedness: An enigmatic conundrum
Pages: 265-267  
Sustainable future: A panacea for young peoples restiveness
Pages: 268-272  
Body language in ELT: Meaning and Function
Pages: 273-280  
An empirical study on employee empowerment in banks during demonetization period with reference to select banks in Coimbatore District
Pages: 281-284  
Fostering listening skill in English among the students of class viii through information and communication technology: An action research
Pages: 285-290  
Effect of classroom management skills as a parameter of personality development module on teacher effectiveness of teacher trainees in relation to internal locus of control
Pages: 291-294  
Managerial effectiveness of principals as comprehended by the B.Ed. college lecturers on the basis of their gender and experience
Pages: 295-300  
A study of impact of emotional intelligence and psychological well being on life satisfaction among adolescents
Pages: 301-305  
A study of optimism and resilience among chronically ill female patients
Pages: 306-307  
Brief analysis of CSR (Corporate social responsibility) with Indian acts
Pages: 308-310  
A study based on Mahatma Gandhi’s life philosophy, educational philosophy and importance of his educational thoughts in modern era
Pages: 311-318  
Online retailing: Challenges and opportunities
Pages: 319-323  
Moral values of government and private secondary school students
Pages: 324-325  
Research paper on “Use of Technology and Innovations in Education Sector: A conceptual study”
Pages: 326-327  
Nirmal a historical cultural craft centre in Telangana: A study
Pages: 328-332  
A study of The Rainbow as a statement in feminism
Pages: 333-335  
GIS training to pre-university teachers: A holistic approach
Pages: 336-339  
A comparative study of job satisfaction of professional and academic College teachers
Pages: 340-341  
A comparative study of physical fitness of deaf and dumb students and normal students of Punjab
Pages: 342-343  
Emerson ideology regarding Hindu philosophy
Pages: 344-349  
Professional ethics of secondary school teachers in relation to their gender: A comparative study
Pages: 350-355  
An empirical study on attributes of organised retailing that effect customer satisfaction with reference to spencer’s retail outlet, Guntur district
Pages: 356-359  
Recent prospect of mobile health care service for health care in India
Pages: 360-362  
Academic achievement of senior secondary school students in relation to their anxiety, learning styles and school environment
Pages: 363-365  
ह्नेनसांग के दृष्टिकोण में भारत (629 ई.-645 ई.)
Pages: 366-369  
The Bharatiya Jana Sangh as a part of the Janata Party
Pages: 370-372  
कृष्णा सोबती के उपन्यासों में जीवन मूल्य
Pages: 373-374  
A study on status of ICT use in various teacher training institutes of tribal areas
Pages: 375-379  
Sistan: The saviour of persian language
Pages: 380-382  
भारतीय संविधान में संशोधन की प्रक्रिया
Pages: 383-384  
Woman in 'Dominant caste village' society: A subaltern perspective
Pages: 385-389  
A study showing how performance of companies affected by HR Practices
Pages: 390-392  
Effect of a computer-based fitness program in physical education
Pages: 393-396  
Leadership in sports management
Pages: 397-399  
प्राचीन भारत में अंक विज्ञान (1500 ई. पू. से 600 ई. पू.)
Pages: 400-403  
Computer based teaching and learning in education institutes
Pages: 404-407  
WTO and its impact on India
Pages: 408-411  
Demonetization in India
Pages: 412-414  
The press and right to privacy
Pages: 415-416  
Honour killing in India
Pages: 417-422  
Effect of yogic practices on cardio respiratory endurance of adolescents students
Pages: 423-424  
History of Indian press and censorship
Pages: 425-426  
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