International Journal of Advanced Educational Research

ISSN: 2455-6157

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Locus of control and psychological well-being in visually and auditorily challenged individuals
Pages: 01-04  
Artificial intelligence and its scope in different areas with special reference to the field of education
Pages: 05-10  
A study of application of cloud computing for qualitative teaching and learning
Pages: 11-13  
Administrative divisions in Telangana under the Chalukyas during the medeaval period: A study
Pages: 14-17  
Facilities for MNC women employees to improve their performance
Pages: 18-20  
Vocational guidance needs in relation to self-concept of adolescents in district Ludhiana
Pages: 21-23  
The research paper on “Child psychology and Ruskin Bond’s stories”
Pages: 24-26  
Foreign direct savings in India: Marketing
Pages: 27-30  
Human development in India
Pages: 31-33  
Purpose of using social networking sites by adolescents
Pages: 34-38  
RUSA: Expansion and future of higher education in India
Pages: 39-41  
Women empowerment through five year plans in India
Pages: 42-45  
Anita Desai’s Bye Bye Blackbird: A diasporic hot soup of cultural conjunction
Pages: 46-48  
Politics of media and contemporary capitalism
Pages: 49-51  
The goldenness of “The golden rule” An ethical business perspective
Pages: 52-55  
Big data for address security and privacy issues in social networks
Pages: 56-58  
Outsourcing vis-à-vis organizational performance
Pages: 59-63  
Highlights on inclusive education policy in Ghana
Pages: 64-68  
Rural women in India: The invisible lifeline of rural community
Pages: 69-71  
New emerging retail concepts in India
Pages: 72-82  
Child labour: The effect on child
Pages: 83-86  
Rashtriya Uchhtar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) and its significance and challenges on inclusive growth of higher Education
Pages: 87-89  
A study on investor's perceptions towards mutual funds in Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 90-93  
Assessment of individual’s income tax in India
Pages: 94-96  
Impact of ICT on values and personality of B.Ed. Students
Pages: 97-100  
Gender barriers in relation to Sports participation: Specific emphasis on female
Pages: 101-104  
“Happiness is but an Occasional Episode in the General Drama of Pain”: A Psychological Study of Isabel Allende’s Two Memoirs.
Pages: 105-108  
Challenges in selection of life partner among Muslims in Kashmir, J&K India
Pages: 109-113  
Economic profile of Jammu & Kashmir state: An overview
Pages: 114-119  
Improving SAT reading scores by mitigating the confirmation bias
Pages: 120-123  
Teaching discourse for indonesian language to basic students school: A conceptual review
Pages: 124-128  
Development of teachers’ competence with ability to master the elements of literary works for teaching materials
Pages: 129-134  
Effect of absenteeism in industry
Pages: 135-136  
Role of Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing in disaster management
Pages: 137-140  
Network security types and problems
Pages: 141-143  
Globalization and education
Pages: 144-146  
Food security in India: Problem and prospectus
Pages: 147-150  
शिक्षकों की गुणात्मक शिक्षा के अभिवर्धन में मूल्यों की भूमिका
Pages: 151-152  
मध्यकालीन भक्ति आंदोलन में अष्टछाप कवि
Pages: 153-155  
Applications and potentials of geothermal energy: Indian scenario
Pages: 161-164  
वाल्मीकि रामायण में छन्द की योजना
Pages: 165-166  
प्रारम्भिक तुर्क सुल्तानों के समय अमीर वर्ग की भूमिका एवं योगदान (1200 ई. से 1290 ई.) : एक अध्ययन
Pages: 167-172  
Inter-scorer Reliability Estimation of SIS-II percepts
Pages: 173-175  
Parliamentary elections 1989: An upsurge of the Bharatiya Janata Party
Pages: 176-182  
Emotional maturity among adolescents in Relation to parental involvement
Pages: 183-186  
नई कहानी में व्यक्त राजनीतिज्ञों के गिरते आर्थिक मूल्यों का चित्रण
Pages: 187-189  
A study of stress among the children’s of working and non-working mothers in reference to their academic career
Pages: 190-193  
Impact of wage polices international labor organization, on unorganized constructions workers: An empirical study
Pages: 194-199  
चार्वाक और जैन दर्शन में निरीश्वरवाद का स्वरूप
Pages: 200-202  
The relationship between political parties and civil society
Pages: 203-205  
Perceptions on performance of journalism students in blended learning environment
Pages: 206-208  
रेखाचित्र-संग्रह ‘आत्म कथ्य’ में व्यंग्य विधान
Pages: 209-211  
भारतीय संसद की संरचना
Pages: 212-214  
Role of psychology in sports injury recovery
Pages: 215-216  
A comparative study on political act of aggression, legitimacy and theory of political consciousness
Pages: 217-225  
वैदिक युगीन शिल्प कला : एक अध्ययन
Pages: 226-227  
मध्यकालीन भक्ति संतो में मीराबाई
Pages: 228-229  
हिंदी : विभिन्न व्यवहारों की भाषा
Pages: 230-231  
बौद्ध धर्म का समकालीन समाज पर प्रभाव : एक नूतन विमर्श
Pages: 232-234  
Forts in Haryana during medieval period
Pages: 235-237  
INSET through PRESET In-Service Teacher Training (INSET) through Pre-Service Teacher Training Institution (PRESET)
Pages: 238-241  
Teacher effectiveness and its correlates: A comparative study
Pages: 242-244  
Canal colonies: Social and economic impact on colonial Punjab
Pages: 245-247  
मुन्शी प्रेमचन्द के 'उपन्यास रचना' निबंध का आदर्शपरक विश्लेषण
Pages: 248-250  
Impact of capital structure on firm performance: A study of listed firms on national stock exchange
Pages: 251-254  
Historical background of freedom of press in India
Pages: 255-261  
Decision on questions as to disqualification on ground of defection under Tenth Schedule
Pages: 262-266  
Concept of homelessness: Complex issues and chanllenges
Pages: 267-270  
The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016: A critical appraisal
Pages: 271-273  
Environmental crimes: An analysis
Pages: 274-282  
Benefit of massage therapy on sports performance
Pages: 283-285  
Dividend policy and firm performance: A study of listed firms on national stock exchange
Pages: 286-289  
19वीं शताब्दी के पुनर्जागरण आन्दोलन में ईसाई मिशनरियों की भारतीय समाज में भूमिका
Pages: 290-292  
सुघ से प्राप्त शुंगकालीन मृन्मूर्तियां: एक अध्ययन
Pages: 293-294  
दिल्ली सल्तनत के अधीन हिन्दू-मुस्लिम समन्वयवाद की प्रक्रिया: एक आलोचनात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 295-297  
हरियाणा में प्रजामण्डलों की नींव जीन्द एक संक्षिप्त अध्ययन
Pages: 298-299  
काव्यकार रुपदेवगुण के काव्य में स्त्री-विमर्शः एक विवेचन
Pages: 300-304  
Awareness on renewable energy towards ensuring sustainable rural development: Need for social work intervention
Pages: 305-307  
वर्तमान सन्दर्भ में साहित्य और समाज में नारी की भूमिका
Pages: 308-310  
प्राचीन भारतीय-भू-भाग का मानक विभाजन
Pages: 311-312  
कुषाणयुगीन कला में नारी अंकन
Pages: 313-314  
आधुनिकता की अवधारणा
Pages: 315-316  
साहित्य का मुगल शासको के शासनकाल में विकास
Pages: 317-319  
नये राज्यों की मांग का औचित्य
Pages: 320-323  
Use of modern techniques in investigation by police
Pages: 324-329  
प्रेमचंद जी के साहित्य में प्रेम का विकृत रूप
Pages: 330-332  
ऋग्वेद के अनुसार इन्द्र
Pages: 333-335  
योग अंतराय एवं चित्त प्रसादन के उपाय : एक परिचय
Pages: 336-340  
The environment protection act, 1986
Pages: 341-342  
Introduction to India-ASEAN relations
Pages: 343-344  
Tagore and Nationalism
Pages: 345-347  
सन्त मलूकदास के काव्य में नारी-विषयक सामाजिक चेतना
Pages: 348-350  
Economy and rural settlement pattern in early medieval Bengal
Pages: 351-353  
Study of empowerment of adolescent girls in relation to parental support
Pages: 354-356  
Development of the students vocabulary based on storybooks
Pages: 357-361  
The development of imlak learning model for improving the ability of writing of effective sentence in Indonesian
Pages: 362-365  
Measuring units and flora fauna in early medieval Bengal
Pages: 366-367  
मध्यकालीन बीकानेर की वास्तुकला (16वीं से 18वीं शताब्दी)
Pages: 368-370  
Managing common misbehaviour problems of students
Pages: 371-373  
Standardization, value addition and sensory evaluation of products prepared from insulin plant leaves (Costus igneus)
Pages: 374-376  
‘गोदान’ की धनिया : एक अवलोकन
Pages: 377-378  
श्री राजीव गांधी की भारतीय राजनीति में भूमिका : एक ऐतिहासिक विश्लेषण
Pages: 379-382  
Structural and gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline WO3:TiO2-based hydrogen gas sensors
Pages: 383-389  
सल्तनत काल में स्त्रियों की स्थिति का अध्ययन
Pages: 390-392  
औपनिवेशिक काल में शिक्षा का विकास
Pages: 393-394  
मुग़लकाल में प्रचलित त्यौहार
Pages: 395-396  
मध्ययुगीन भारतीय खेलों का ऐतिहासिक विश्लेषण
Pages: 397-399  
A study of the politics and role of religion in Indian politics
Pages: 400-401  
Job satisfaction in secondary school teachers of Chhattisgarh: With reference to place of work and gender
Pages: 402-404  
मुगलकालीन भारत में नगरीकरण
Pages: 405-407  
Politics and women
Pages: 408-410  
Gender based violence - international concerns
Pages: 411-418  
NITI Aayog: A revolutionary institution for the future of India
Pages: 419-421  
Spirit of affirmation in Arthur Miller’s death of a salesman
Pages: 422-424  
Development of digital library in India issues and challenges: Role of librarian in digital environment
Pages: 425-427  
Feminism in literature
Pages: 428-429  
Heroic impulses in Ernest Hemingway’s the old man and the sea
Pages: 430-431  
Evil in aspiration: A study of William Golding’s the spire
Pages: 432-433  
The hapless royal India: A study of Gita Mehta’s Raj
Pages: 434-437  
Cascaded clustering and ant-miner based classification
Pages: 438-441  
प्रगतिवादी काव्य की सामाजिक चेतना
Pages: 442-443  
Corporate social responsibility in India
Pages: 444-447  
Traditional HRM and E-HRM: A comparative study
Pages: 448-450  
English language literature in teaching classroom
Pages: 451-452  
Relationship of selected motor fitness components to field goal speed of intercollegiate basketball male players
Pages: 453-455  
जायसी की विलक्षणता
Pages: 456-460  
Pages: 461-464  
इक्कीसवीं सदी में संत कबीरदास की प्रासंगिकता
Pages: 465-466  
योग एवं अध्यात्म
Pages: 467-468  
शिवानी की कहानियों में दाम्पत्य संबंधों का विश्लेशण
Pages: 469-471  
संचार उपागम एवं भारतीय राजनीति में प्रासंगिकता
Pages: 472-474  
भाषा और विकास
Pages: 475-477  
''कविता क्या है'': समकालीन कविता का परिपे्रक्ष्य-विजय रंजन
Pages: 478-480  
Impact of spirituality at workplace: A study
Pages: 481-483  
Evaluation on nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission of compression ignition engine using nano-particles as constituent of biodiesel
Pages: 484-485  
Education, educational policies and ‘the raj’ (1792-1854A.D)
Pages: 486-489  
Corporate social responsibility: A case study of state bank of India array antenna
Pages: 490-492  
Integrating mobile health with curative health: Chemists perspective
Pages: 493-499  
भारत के पूर्वीभाग में अवस्थित पौराणिक तीर्थों का परिशीलन
Pages: 500-505  
Photography as business
Pages: 506-507  
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